Hi, I'm Elias 👋🌊🏄‍♂️

I'm a React Native developer living in Bruges.

Passionate about Android, React, functional, home assistant and open source. I work at In The Pocket.

Read more about me, or discover some cool projects and writings below. And oh; and we are expecting a baby 🥳👶!

featured project

Enabling Android 10+ apps to Wifi connect

Before Android 10, the api to make your smartphone connect with a Wifi network was open for any app to use. Because of this, it was easy for apps to connect with IoT devices through a temporary Wifi network created by the device. There were however some quirks to take into account, and a library…

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Install Home Assistant

I’m a huge fan of Home Assistant. I use it at home 😉 to be less dependent on IoT clouds. I also use it to automate small energy saving things. Like turning the TV mood light on when something is playing. Or cutting power to my studio speakers when no music is playing 😎. I’ve…

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Last months sport statistics 🤠


This years household energy ⚡ and water usage

  • Electricity: 1993 kwH.
  • Gas: 634 m3
  • Water: 32 m3

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