Hi, I'm Elias 👋🌊🏄

I'm a React Native + Android Software Engineer living in Bruges.

Passionate about Android, React, functional, home assistant and open source. I work at In The Pocket.

Read more about me, or discover some cool projects and writings below. And oh; we just became a family of four 🥳👶!

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Enabling Android 10+ apps to Wifi connect

Before Android 10, the api to make your smartphone connect with a Wifi network was open for any app to use. Because of this, it was easy for apps to connect with IoT devices through a temporary Wifi network created by the device. There were however some quirks to take into account, and a library […]

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What I’ve read in December 2022

Blog articles I have been reading in November and love to give kudo’s to:

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June sport statistics ⛷️

49 minbike

2024 home energy ⚡

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