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What I’ve read in November 2022

Blog articles I have been reading in November and love to give kudo’s to:

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Use hardware transcoding, on an Intel NUC, running Plex in an unprivileged LXC container

This post is still in draft. I used to run Home Assistant supervised on a Intel NUC. It ran Debian, and apart from Home Assistant I also run a few Docker containers (Resilio Sync, Plex, ..). However, as I kept getting more warnings that my supervisor was in an unsupported state, I knew it was […]

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What I’ve read in October 2022

Blog articles I have been reading in October and love to give kudo’s to: When imperative is better than declarative in React by Andreas Roth. A Bullet-Proof Approach to Storing Sensitive User Data in React Native by Marcel Kalveram. Stores: Making State Global Without React’s Context API by Max Yinger. AHA Testing 💡 by Kent […]

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My Typescript mistakes

Coming from a typed background (C#, Java and Kotlin), there were quite a few mistakes to be made when first starting React Native development in 2017. And oh boy we did make them 😆. We actually started using Flow (a static type checker for Javascript) right away, as it seemed to be the most mature […]

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Automate your Android build code

Just like many roads, bring you to Bruges, there are number of methods to update your Android build code. If I hear you think; “Android build code, what’s that again?”, let’s explain shortly. Every android apk or aab you make, has a version name and a version code. While the version name can be any […]

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Install Home Assistant

I’m a huge fan of Home Assistant. I use it at home 😉 to be less dependent on IoT clouds. I also use it to automate small energy saving things. Like turning the TV mood light on when something is playing. Or cutting power to my studio speakers when no music is playing 😎. I’ve […]

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Debian cheat sheet

My most used terminal commands 🤪. File Machine Storage See how much disk space you have left Dependencies Aptitude User

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Mount a usb drive or hard disk on Raspbian

What’s the best way to auto mount a usb drive or hard disk? What if the filesystem is ntfs? If you want to (permanently) mount a hard disk or usb drive to your debian based system, keep on reading! To get a list of connected usb disks you can: In the screenshot above you can […]

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