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Welcome to my portfolio. I love to create and share. Here are a few websites and some source feats I‘m proud of. Thanks for having a look!

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Enabling Android 10+ apps to Wifi connect

Before Android 10, the api to make your smartphone connect with a Wifi network was open for any app to use. Because of this, it was easy for apps to connect with IoT devices through a temporary Wifi network created by the device. There were however some quirks to take into account, and a library like WifiUtils tries to solve this challenge.


With Android 10, this approach was no longer possible, and Google added a new api to temporary connect so you can commission the IoT device. I’ve added this to WifiUtils.


This library bridges iOS and Android Wifi connection wizardry. The quality of the Android code wasn’t that great and this is where I stepped up. I’ve improved the code base and added WifiUtils in the mix, adding Android 10+ support!


As a devoted kiter, I’m always checking the wind forecast. aggregates multiple data sources (Meetnet and OpenWeatherMap) into a fast mobile first website.

It’s built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. The code is open source 🎉! Happy kiting!


My mother makes awesome pottery. Beautiful crockery, flower pots, ornaments, essential oil diffusers and more. I’ve made her websites that showcases pictures around 3 topics: workplacegallery & garden. Have a look!

The headless website is built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. Pages, pictures & posts are managed in WordPress and exposed via GraphQL ♥️. Uses Tailwindcss to style the website and making sure it looks good on all devices.


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