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Welcome to my portfolio. I love to create and share. Here are a few websites and some source feats I‘m proud of. Thanks for having a look!

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As a devoted kiter, I’m always checking the wind forecast. aggregates multiple data sources (Meetnet and OpenWeatherMap) into a fast mobile first website.

It’s built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. The code is open source 🎉! Happy kiting!


My mother makes awesome pottery. Beautiful crockery, flower pots, ornaments, essential oil diffusers and more. I’ve made her websites that showcases pictures around 3 topics: workplacegallery & garden. Have a look!

The headless website is built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. Pages, pictures & posts are managed in WordPress and exposed via GraphQL ♥️. Uses Tailwindcss to style the website and making sure it looks good on all devices.


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